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SoundDeities Hybrid Music-producer introduction

Updated: Jan 8

SoundDeities producer logo

What up Curb Beats fam,

Ready to embark on an auditory adventure that transcends the ordinary? Whether you're in the mood for a tear-jerker or a groove that'll have you two-stepping or headbanging, Curb Beats has your back!

🔊 Introduction

We are SoundDeities, and we don't just create music; we craft sonic tales tailored for producers, storytellers, creators, gamers, and anyone seeking a musical escape from the mainstream humdrum of pop, rap, and EDM.

Dive into our eclectic universe where genres collide, giving birth to hybrid masterpieces that transport you to realms beyond your wildest fantasies. From the sultry embrace of jazz to the electrifying pulse of rock, the enchanting allure of orchestral vibes to the rhythmic beats of world music – if it's unconventional, it's us!

💽 Inspirations

Our creative DNA is woven from the threads of musical luminaries. Picture the sonic landscapes of David Wise, the enchanting melodies of Koji Kondo, the gripping atmospheres of the Metroid and Castlevania series, the soul-stirring compositions from Squaresoft, and the groundbreaking genius of Tetsuya Shibata, Yoko Kanno, Seatbelts, Jamiroquai, Robert Glasper, and The Roots. These are the pillars that shape our sonic dreams.

Remember the days when iconic films had soundtracks as unforgettable as the movies themselves? Top Gun, The Bodyguard, Boomerang – the era when every film had a soundtrack that became a part of your soul.

🔊 Release the reins, let go, and allow the music to be your guide!

At Curb Beats, we're not just a brand; we're a sonic hybrid experience. We're adaptable, dynamic, and ready to set the music space ablaze. Whether it's through live streams, syncs, or any other avenue, our mission is to create and captivate.

Join us on this musical rollercoaster, and let's make memories through beats that resonate with your soul.

Drop your favorite artists, songs, and styles below; and let's connect through the language of music!

Warm regards,


SoundDeities is a music producer pseudonym and brand of Curb Beats created by WJ.

SoundDeities EPK
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