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Updated: Jan 9, 2023

We got some news for you!

We are happy to announce that earlier this month Curb Beats released its first full official album with CD Baby, Crude and Curb started a few small marketing campaigns to promote its brands, the gallery, and the website with various marketing services, and is now a full Limited Liability Company!

My gift for any who'll listen...

The album, titled Claustrophobia, was something we have worked on for most of the year. It was a true test of the lessons we have learned with my software and expanding pallet of sound files, effects, etc. It was tricky working on many of the tracks and trying to come up with a balanced mix with the music and selections. While we wish we could have added more, we hope they make a great impression and provide some general influence to Curb Beats' style, flexibility, and a little of the down tempo and retro-futuristic electronic sound we tried playing with to be it's own thing.

If you're visiting from the ad...

Welcome and thanks for checking out the site. It's still a lonely place but hopefully not for too long. Please tell me if there was anything that you like or dislike about the ad, site, etc.

Hope you'll continue to visit and interact going forward. This place will eventually be packed with content and hopefully I'll have some incentive offers to keep this place live! I'll keep making this a platform for house my latest beats and related art and videos for sure, so stay tuned!

In the works.

I am working on my new stylized art projects new for Crude Arts and I'm story boarding to try my first graphic novel/motion comic project. That may be some time away but I'll be here with you.

Thank you for coming and share with me any news, questions, or just say hi. Much love and have a great day!

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