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First Qtr of 2019

Updated: Jan 9, 2023


First off, hello all. Thank you for visiting the Crude Arts blog. Let me know how's it going and what bring you by.

You may be surprised..... or maybe you have noticed, that I'm learning a lot about this venture. I can't even describe to folks close to me what it actually is that I'm trying to do. I would love to show what I want with this company, but I haven't scratched the surface. I have been fortunate to be able to collect all of the tools that I got. It is not easy, but the hardest part is to get things finished when it's a lot I want to do and get perfected the first time around.

In the works...

I have been working on my first CG type project for the last few months. It's pretty cool and I hope it brings up these videos to the next level. We'll have to see, but I hope to get it finished before the month ends.

Later, I will work on getting out an updated art collection for the art gallery. I'm not close to big production, but the Love, Death, + Robots and Into the Spiderverse pictures are notable influences of today for me wanting to go harder into something exciting and next level. Kudos, from me, to all those who worked hard making those projects and all those visuals pop.

Last bit...

If you follow Curb Beats, I have some updated tracks put out. Some are just demos for now in the Jukebox (because I plan to use some of them in future video projects). I have been working on a new collection.. or album I guess I can call it.. of tracks to get out this summer. Get ready! Finally, I set up a link to a store to sell Curb Beats branded gear. It looks cool and I'll keep upping the track covers to make more appealing gear to grab.

Thanks for checking out this blog! Please keep checking in for updated content and just come back if you like to look things over. Share with me any feedback that you might have for this website and later blogs, etc. or share your story here.


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