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Curb Beats


The Brand...

Curb Beats LLC is an unconventional music production studio. Our goal is to deliver a unique emotional and thrilling experience in artistry and music. However, that is not to say that we cannot get a little mainstream too with different projects. We are not afraid to experiment and change styles to reach new limits. We hope that our path will satisfy our audience and set a legacy with all that we can offer.

We offer a variety of music through streaming services and collaborations with artists and creators licenses.

A little history...

So with that just being said....we are inspired by many different musical influences such as hip hop, r&b, alternative, chiptune, cinematic, jazz, house, soul, and electronic music, to name a few. Many others we love in which our work is done with love for the great influencers of our time. 

Curb Beats was founded in late 2017 as a producer and coincide with Crude Arts, our digital art studio platform. Curb Beats is now the publisher of our talented composers, beatmakers, and producers.

Thank you for reading our story! 

We hope that we can help to be a name that you are a part of as we use our talents to bring the world together. Hope you are inspired and follow your passion! 

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